KORA a.s. is a distributor of chemical products in the following segments:

  • dummyConstruction
  • dummyManufacture of paints, varnishes, coatings and sealants
  • dummyProcessing of technical and engineering plastics
  • dummyTextile and rubber industry
  • dummyIndustrial oils, lubricants and cutting fluids

Our main market is Central and Eastern Europe. We bring products of renowned global manufacturers to local markets with an emphasis on complete understanding of our clients’ needs.
With headquarters in the Slovak Republic and sales offices in Hungary and the Czech Republic, we are gradually building a network to supply our customers with products and services they require to operate their businesses.

We are a family company, we place emphasis on quality, personal contact and strong, long-term relationship with our customers.
Our efforts focuses on providing comprehensive solutions with a strong understanding of the need for safe and environmentally responsible products (to ensure the safety of chemical production and ecology).

Our sales representatives are always professionals with experience in the field and therefore perfectly understand the needs of our clients.

Our goal is not to be the biggest, strongest or most aggressive distributor, we just want to be close to solutions that improve the business of our clients.