Products for paint production

Quality products from renowned companies from all over the world form a product line which includes fillers, binders, pigments, additives and specialties, all of which forms the base for the production of quality paints and varnishes. Our highest added value in this field is the ability to fine-tune a client's formula, so it will meet all the technological, ecological and economical requirements of modern paints. We are the leading provider of biocides, and we are able to provide comprehensive support with regards to all necessary legislation.

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BAYFERROX® "Powdered inorganic pigments based on synthetic iron oxides Shades: red, black, brown, yellow, ochre" LANXESS
COLORTHERM® Powdered inorganic pigments Shades: red, black, brown, yellow, ocher, green LANXESS
TRONOX® "White powder pigments containing titanium oxide Rutile types (the chloride manufacturing process)" TRONOX
HEUCODUR® Special inorganic powder pigments based on various metal oxides Heubach
ULTRAMARIN® Ultramarin blue, violet Holliday Pigments
BRUFASOL® Bismuth Vanadate pigments for exterior and interior applications Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik
BRUFABLEND® Powder pigment mixtures Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik
BRUFATEC® Hybrid pigment preparations orange and red Bruchsaler Farbenfabrik
ADHESIVES Description Producer
VINNAPAS® Dispersion powders vac / a, vac / e / and another for dry mortar and plaster mixtures Wacker Chemie AG
OSAKRYL ® Water-based acrylic, styrene-acrylate, vinyl acetate copolymers Synthos S.A.
SYNEXIL® Water-based polymer dispersion vac, copolymers, homopolymers Synthos S.A.
ACCLAIM® POLYOL Polyetherpolyols, for the 2k synthetic elastic coating material, highly resistant adhesives COVESTRO
ARCOL® POLYOL Polyetherpolyols, for the 2k elastic solventless coating compositions and adhesives COVESTRO
BAYBOND® Polyurethane waterborne dispersion, finishing fiberglass COVESTRO
BAYHYDROL® UV PU dispersion for waterborne systems, UV-curable coatings – for plastics, wood (furniture and flooring)  
BAYHYDROL® PU dispersions, polyurethane polyols for 2K waterborne systems, water–based paints 1k and 2k fabrics for automotive paints, plastics, industrial coatings, wood COVESTRO
BAYHYDUR® Hydrophilic polyisocyanate hardener for waterborne 2K polyurethane coating systems, block types for 1k baking lacquers for automotive applications for plastics, wood and metal COVESTRO
BAYHYTHERM® Waterborne, self-crosslinking thermosetting urethane resins for waterborne 1K baking systems – OEM, industrial applications  
BAYMEDIX® PU materials for applications in healthcare COVESTRO
CRELAN® The polyisocyanate curing agent for powder coatings COVESTRO
DESAVIN® Plasticizer for coating and sealants COVESTRO
DESMOCAP® Crosslinked epoxy / urethanized resin for softening resins epoxy resins COVESTRO
DESMODUR® Aliphatic and aromatic di-isocyanates, polyisocyanates and polymers for the 1k and 2k PU coating systems with high dry matter content for the automotive, plastics, industrial and anticorrosive paints, wood, adhesives with high heat and chemical resistance (shoe, furniture) COVESTRO
DESMOLAC® Nonreactive polyurethanes, elastic secondary binder for plastic coatings COVESTRO
DESMOPHEN® Polyols, in combination with a hardener Desmodur used to 1k and 2k paint systems, high sušinových coatings for automotive, plastics, industrial and anticorrosive paints, wood, adhesives with high heat and chemical resistance (shoe, furniture) COVESTRO
DESMOTHERM® Self-crosslinking baking urethane resin for solvent 2k firing systems COVESTRO
IMPRAFIX® Catalysts / crosslinkers for textile aprotace COVESTRO
IMPRANIL® PU dispersions, solutions, granules for textile aprotace COVESTRO
IMPRAPERM® PU dispersions and solutions to textile permeable aprotace COVESTRO
PERGUT® Chlorinated rubbers COVESTRO
NOVALKYD Alkyd resins Novaresine S.r.l.
NOVATHIX Thixotropic alkyd resin Novaresine S.r.l.
NOVATAN Urethanized alkyd resins Novaresine S.r.l.
NOVATER Epoxy-modified alkyd resins Novaresine S.r.l.
NOVAQUA Waterborne alkyd resins Novaresine S.r.l.
NOVASYNT Saturated polyester resin Novaresine S.r.l.
NOVAPOL Binders for natural stone, mineral surfaces Novaresine S.r.l.
NOVESTER Special binders for coating wood Novaresine S.r.l.
POLURGREEN High solid isocyanates for 1k and 2k paint materials SAPICI S.p.A.
POLURENE Aliphatic and aromatic isocyanates, isocyanurates and prepolymer for adhesive and coating substances SAPICI S.p.A.
UCOPOL Moisture reticulated polyurethane for 1k painting materials SAPICI S.p.A.
UCOPOL OL Urethanized oil and urethanized alkyd resins SAPICI S.p.A.
UCOFLEX Solvent elastomers for clear and pigmented colors for ABS, PVC, polyurethane, polystyrene and paper SAPICI S.p.A.
REXIN Alkyd resins with short-chain oil SAPICI S.p.A.
REXIN DP Saturated polyesters SAPICI S.p.A.
HYDROREXIN Waterborne polyurethane dispersions without coalescents for coating substances SAPICI S.p.A.
BLUEPUR Waterborne PU dispersions for coating materials SAPICI S.p.A.
HYDRORENE Water dispersible isocyanates SAPICI S.p.A.
POLURENE LP Blocked isocyanates SAPICI S.p.A.
REXIN XP Linear and branched polyesters SAPICI S.p.A.
CELLULOSE Description Producer
MECELLOSE® FMC, PMC , EXL Cellulose ethers (HPMC), modified water-soluble cellulose derivative for improving and regulating water retention, improve rheological properties, increasing the thixotropy Samsung Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd.
RUCOSIL ® Silicone binders, hydrophobic additives, wax emulsions, and defoamers RUDOLF GmbH
BIOCIDAL PRODUCTS Description Producer
PREVENTOL ® Biocidal products for water-based and synthetic paints, industrial water treatment, conservation products for construction LANXESS

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