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KORA and Premix showcased innovative conductive thermoplastics at the plastics conference

KORA and Premix showcased innovative conductive thermoplastics at the plastics conference

The significant conference in the sector, the Central European Plastics Industry Meeting 2023, which took place on September 19th and 20th in Budapest, provided KORA with an ideal platform to present its innovative solutions to a diverse audience of industry professionals.

KORA a.s., through its Hungarian subsidiary KORA kft., specializing in technical and commodity thermoplastics, joined forces with partner Premix to present the results of their collaborative efforts in developing conductive thermoplastics at the conference. The product and solution presentation captured the attention of the participants. During the conference, KORA kft., in collaboration with Premix, showcased its top-tier range of conductive thermoplastics.

These materials are designed to meet the evolving needs of various industrial sectors, including electronics, automotive, and telecommunications. By incorporating conductive additives into their thermoplastic blends, KORA and Premix have created a series of universal and high-performance materials that offer enhanced electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding properties.

"Our partnership with Premix has allowed us to push the boundaries of innovation in the field of conductive thermoplastics. This conference provided a suitable platform for presenting our solutions and establishing contacts with industry leaders on an international level. We are pleased with the positive feedback and the potential for several new collaborations," said Peter Horal, CEO of KORA.

The interactive presentations and practical demonstrations of conductive thermoplastics at the conference have great potential for applications in multiple industries.