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KORA celebrated its 30th anniversary with an interesting programme

KORA celebrated its 30th anniversary with an interesting programme

30 long years of experience, innovation and continuous development. That's how long KORA has been on the road, from which the company boldly looks to the future and is not afraid of new challenges. The success was therefore celebrated appropriately with a pinch of mystery, accompanied by entertainment, music and good food.

KORA, known for its family story, took a similar approach to the celebration. It opted for a more intimate line-up, made up of employees from Slovakia and Hungary, including a few former employees with whom KORA maintains good relations. The whole event was held in such a family spirit in honour of the company's success.

Mysterious programme as a surprise

The celebration started on the premises of the company, where people were divided into different teams. The programme was shrouded in mystery as no one knew what was in store for them. The mystery was gradually revealed throughout the evening, with every single item on the programme being a surprise.

Employees exercised their brain cells at a pub quiz, followed by a treasure hunt and various other competitions in the grounds of Ranch 13 in Nemšová. Hungry stomachs were taken care of by Marcel Ihňačák, who grilled a delicious meal and thus took care of the gastronomic experience. A fun music workshop with guest La3no Cubano followed by a concert was the icing on the cake.

The end of the evening belonged to the announcement of the winners of the treasure hunt, who received valuable prizes. However, not everyone walked away empty-handed. Each of the participants received a glass plaque commemorating KORA's 30th anniversary. In the late hours came the sweet spot in the form of cake cutting and free entertainment until the morning.

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